Hosting ESEIW

According to the common understanding of both the ISERN and the ESEM steering committees, the proposer and potential ESEIW GC has to be an active ISERN representative for at least three years and must have attended at least five meetings (observer, candidate, and three times as representative). Preferably, the ESEIW GC has been ISERN Program CoChair before. 

The procedure for submitting and evaluating proposal for hosting ESEIW is as follows:

  1. Proposals for ESEIW have to be submitted by April 15th two years before the Event (e.g., by 15.04.2025 for ESEIW2027). The submission follows a template that is provided on request via The submission is done by email to
  2. After the deadline, the two committees (ESEM SC and ISERN SC) separately have two weeks to discuss the proposal, internally (which could include a meeting)..
  3. Mid of May, a common online meeting (including both the ISERN SC and the ESEM SC) will be organized where the proposers present, and answer questions. If there are more than one proposal, all of them present. After the presentation, the proposer will leave the meeting. Then, the two committees discuss the proposals together aiming at a common decision.
  4. The decision shall be communicated to the winning proposer before Mid of June by the ISERN and ESEM Steering Committee Chairs.