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International Software Engineering Research Network (ISERN)

ISERN is a community that believes software engineering research needs to be performed in an experimental context. By doing this we will be able to observe and experiment with the technologies in use, understand their weaknesses and strengths,tailor the technologies for the goals and characteristics of particular projects and package them together with empirically gained experience to enhance their reuse potential in future projects.

The founding ISERN members chose the Quality Improvement Paradigm as the reference model to provide a common terminology for their cooperation.

The ISERN community holds annual meetings.

In 2011 the ISERN meeting was hosted by University of Calgary, Canada and took place at the Banff Centre, Banff, Canada
In 2012 the ISERN meeting was hosted by Lund University, Sweden and took place in the Lund Area, Sweden.

In 2013 the ISERN meeting was hosted by UMBC, Maryland and took  place in Baltimore, US

In 2014 the ISERN meeting was hosted by Politecnico di Torino, Italy and took place in Torino, Italy

In 2015 the ISERN meeting was hosted by Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences, and took place in Beijing, China

In 2016 the ISERN meeting is hosted by University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain  located in Cuidad Real, Spain

In 2017 the ISERN meeting is hosted by Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

For the history of meetings check HISTORY.

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